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Are collectables worth collecting?

Over the years we have seen countless examples of people who like to collect many objects, such as stamps, classic cars, art and watches/fine jewellery. whether this was for a hobby or whether they wanted to make some money. 

so what would be the best angle for a newcomer to start collecting? if we look at the top 3 sold collectables at Christie's or Sotheby's you will notice similar patterns. Art had received the most amount of interest of all the collectables based on exhibits, which were auctioned over the last 12 months.

yes, art can be expensive but Its pretty hard to argue with the facts that of all collectables, fine art has the best re-sale opportunities as there are collectors and buyers globally who would be interested in adding to their collections.

How to get started? the simplest way to get involved would be looking at prints. prints are a great place to start as they are a lot cheaper than the original. But hold on, I know what your thinking… you'll never make money from a print? WRONG... looking back at examples of how prints can be very rewarding we only have to look back at Banksy prints. 10 years ago you could pick up a Banksy print for £1000 those same prints are now worth £10,000+. I think you get my point.

by following some very basic fundamental, choosing a print which holds great potential can be easier then you think. Firstly always do your own checks on the gallery or collectors who you may be making the purchase from. ensure that the print comes with a COA (Certificate Of Authentication) as well as making sure the condition is immaculate, which is important for re-sell. 

Once you are happy to move forward and make the purchase there one more important attribute to this investment being a winner and that's patience. Slow and steady wins the race but most of all enjoy the ride.

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