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Art Market Boom

To summarise the fine art market in one word, it would simply be BOOMING. Every other day we hear " World record prices for Picasso, Van Goch, and works by Andy Warhol". BUT... can you still make money without having to spend millions? the answer is YES

Typically, owners of galleries will tell you that buying art is an emotional decision, but if you are looking at this for an investment, then scrap what they say...

by following a few fundamentals, which will benefit your massively, you can reach some truly rewarding returns. My tips would research any living artists who catch your eye. Learn about their education, their commissions, and their exhibits. By learning and following these fundamentals you can achieve great success with your collection/portfolio (Trust me history always has a way of repeating itself). So why is this important to know? well for a moment let’s compare this investment to a property purchase. would you buy a house without knowing where it was located? or even without viewing the property and the area? probably NOT. the same fundamentals would apply to your art purchase. you've just discovered an emerging artist whose work catches your eye. You have followed all the important fundamentals. 10 years have now gone by and this artist is now one of the most in demand and collectable artist in the world. knowing full well the piece you purchased 10 years earlier know holds some true value. but is it as easy as that?

NO…there’s always the risk of an emerging artist not quite reaching the peaks of those chosen few who then continue to rise in the established artist's category. For the first time, buyers and new collectors Established artworks are the ideal place to start off an investment in art. Taking what we can learn about the artist and where they have had exhibits is great to know. we can use this knowledge and understanding to cherry pick and several artists who're work will show great promise based on what we know from there past (i.e. track record of auction prices, sell out exhibitions all around the world and of course by knowing the personal achievements and awards that they have received). But if you quite fancy the fast pace of the auction houses then Blue-chip art is where you want to be. Of course, if are comfortable with your approach and just want access to blue-chip grade art, then have the cheque book on the ready.

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