Types of art

Types of art

Modern Contemporary Art



We source the best piece of artwork that shows the highest growth potential that fits your budget. Recommended from top curators around the world and working alongside long-term established collectors we give Businesses, collectors, investors access to investable Artwork at an affordable price by building a relationship with the artist directly and thus greatly reducing the risk when it comes to the resell price.

If it’s a piece your after for your home, office or investment we take care of the process thorough even until you decide to sell. Once you have purchased your desired artwork, every piece comes with a certificate of authenticity along with delivery or recommended storage of the piece. We can also facilitate the rental of your art piece to be displayed in either a gallery, museum or hotel, office etc, depending on your purchase, terms and conditions apply.

Art dealers are always trying to satisfy their clients by searching endlessly for the right piece of art for them, we help secure the right piece of art through our own networks base and relationships.

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